Thursday, March 18


Spring's coming!
What do you love about it?


Mrs. Tree said...

I love that it was 70 yesterday and we're getting 10 inches of snow tomorrow and it will all be melted and forgotten by Tuesday. Also, little tulip leaves are popping out.

Jilly said...

tree, same here good and bad

vq said...

Colors! I've been wearing non-stop black for months.

Catz said...

warmer weather for sure

Spidey said...

oh my favorite topic.

i have so many favorite things about spring. i consider it spring as soon as it reaches 40 degrees and stays that way.

1) the smell of fresh air coming through the window in the bedroom. it is open all night and i sleep much better.
2) oh you know it... hanging laundry on the line. very theraputic.
3)grilling the evening meal.
4)hearing all the birds chirping that have returned.
5)the flowers poking up through the ground. i knew it wouldn't stay frozen.
6)not having to wear a winter coat.
7)buds popping out on my hickory,apple,maple and lilac bush.
8)no more static in my hair.
9)no more dry skin.
10)staying light longer.
11)no more snow shoveling
12)open toed shoes.
13) sunshine!
14) green grass.

i could go on and on.

emma said...

I like your list Spidey.... and 40 or above suits me just fine

UrbanStarGazer said...

While the seasons in the bay area aren't dramatically different like in some places, there are subtle differences. Spring is warm days, an occasional shower, some blustery days (my faves - big clouds, blue skies, a little windy) and the hills are still green.

By late spring the hills will turn that golden brown color that they'll stay all Summer and Fall and then when the rain returns in the Winter, they'll go green again.