Tuesday, March 30


not sure any one is watching this year. i am not feeling it.

no one rocks my world. boring.

maybe crystal. still waiting for her to sing tonight.

i always had a favorite by now. not so much this year.


Catz said...

I haven't been watching AI or DWTS. not exciting this time around. I watched the first episodes of AI and then quit. I forgot to watch the first week of DWTS buwhen I finally did...nah it's boring.

emma said...

I like Siobhan,Crystal and Lee Dewyse, and I like to look at Casey.
I don't think this group is as good as in the past.

---I think Simon is phoning it in.

Catz said...

I hear Simon plans on leaving after this season but then later I heard he's staying on another season or few because of his multimillion dollar contract he signed.

I like Ellen on it.