Wednesday, May 19

Celebrating a First

Today MissMandolin and I went to the library and she got her first library card. She loved teh joint, well, until the puppt theatre fell on her, but she's fine. they gave her a bookbag that reads "my first lbirary card!" and a sticker that states that she's a "super summer reader." We didn't even go into the playroom, just the baby area and over to the craft book section so i could get somethig to read, so things are looking really good for her future as a reader (not to mention the fact she owns more books than toys).


Spidey said...

soon she can be an old broard. ;)

vq said...

That's our Bookshelf grand-baby!

Catz said...

that's great. I'm sure she'll have lots of fun at the library. They offer lots of good things during the summer for children.