Wednesday, May 5

Hi everyone!

Sorry I have been incommunicado, lots going on...
I found a job up in Santa Maria (I think you already knew that...), I started working there March 1st while Sean was still down in LA packing up the house. I was staying with friends which was nice, no rent to pay and I had lots of fun with them. The fact they are my ex in laws just makes it funnier. Then about a week into the new job I got sick, mostly a cough but it wouldn't go away and I couldn't focus, felt really foggy, was almost falling asleep at work. Finally went to urgent care and found out I had pneumonia. I was out 2 1/2 days, should have probably taken more time off but I didn't have any sick time yet plus when you are new it feels wrong to call out. So I couldn't do much, just work and rest. I was finally feeling a little better the last week in March when we had to move everything up here thankfully. We found a really cute duplex in Grover Beach, we are one mile from the beach and I really like it. It has an attached garage so the boy cats are out there and Monkee is in the house since she doesn't piss on everything. Sean still doesn't have a job but he's already made a couple of friends and some contacts that might work into some freelance work. So that's what we've been doing plus we are leaving for Ireland, England and Greece in about two weeks. We are going to visit Alex and I'm really excited to meet her! Hopefully all the ash will be out of the air so we can fly in like we are supposed to.
Anyway, hope everyone has been good, I'll try to pop in more often now that everything is quieter!


Jilly said...

i'm glad you're better and it sounds like things are going well. Have a great time visiting Alex (we're all green with envy here). Thanks for checking back in with us here. Have a great trip and stay safe.


vq said...

Life sounds great, Jeanie. I had been wondering how the move went and what you were up to.

Now don't stay away so long next time!

Catz said...

sorry to hear about your illness. a lot rest is usually the best medicine but I can relate to the being new to the job thing.

Have fun on your trip.

emma said...

Have fun Beann**