Monday, May 10

Tis the Season

Today's mail brought two more high school graduation announcements. At least we're related to these two girls and I'll be happy to send them each a card and a check. The others I've received since May 1st (four) were from friends of friends and people I work with whose kids are graduating.

I refuse to buy into this business of just because someone sends out announcements to everyone and their mothers, that the recipients have to pony up some dough.

I'm sending those people a card and that's all.

Do you dread graduation season?


Jenny Robin said...

I don't get many invitations at all. Most years I receive none, so I don't have a good rule to go by. But it makes sense that a card is quite sufficient.

I didn't receive gifts or money for my graduation, not even from my family, so to pony up the dough for others seems excessive.

Spidey said...

haven't gotten any this year. but i think you are right in your opinion of this.

Catz said...

I agree too. I didn't get any money on my graduation. My kids didn't either. We did take them out to dinner to celebrate. Same for my parents when my brothers and i graduated.A card seems just fine.I have 2 invites and they are not related. Cards are just fine.

Jilly said...

i have no problem with your policy either. also, it probably wasn't the kids filling out those announcements either, it was the parents trying to figure out who had money to fork over a check.

Mrs.B said...

At first I thought this said "tits the season".
PS I just registered at the Apple store, feel free to shop there for my graduation present.