Saturday, May 1

Oil Spill

"The Gulf Coast spill will have eclipsed the Exxon Valdez in terms of total gallons of oil before the weekend is over -- making it the largest oil spill in U.S. history"

How much loss of wildlife
How many billions of dollars to clean up
How much tainted water.


Spidey said...


vq said...

Oil companies are utterly careless about damaging the earth. They just don't give a crap. Makes me sick.

Jilly said...

people are still waiting on money from the exxon valdeze spill, so i won't hold my breath to see this cleaned up and taken care of. you know what's funny? my guy got the fed gov't job, but the president felt that the department that hired him needed less people, so no one got hired in the end. fine, times are tough whatever. (although other departments got people out the yin-yang). the depratment that didn't get the $ to hire people like my guy, is now, according to obama, responsible for helpingw ith the clean up and suddenly, my guy got a call to come in and to interview for a new position. it's sad a disaster like this has to happen for the government to get funding....obama says the company will pay for it all, but really, will they? probably not.

Spidey said...

we will pay for it with higher gas prices.

Gail said...

Haven't heard Sarah Palin shouting "Drill,baby, drill" lately either.

sparky said...

Accidents happen in anything mankind attempts . It's just the way it is . If this spill was caused by negligence (sp) I am sure it will be found out in the investigation(s) that will follow and hopefully the government will punish those responsible.

Or perhaps it was just an accident. time will tell .

As far as Palin and her drill baby thing is concerned if my memory serves me right the last polico type I recall supporting more off shore drilling was none other then our current president ( and rightly so) along with his support of also building more nuke plants (correct again).

As long as humans demand cheap energy to power homes , bussinesses, offices, planes boats and cars etc there is always going to be a risk of things like this happening.

Actually it's surprising it doesn't happen more often then it does considering the massive amounts of fuels taken out of the earth and shipped all over the globe you would think accidents like this would be a weekly event .

Lets hope this spill is put under control with minimal damage and then the sorting out of blame and compensation can begin.


emma said...

"Lets hope this spill is put under control with minimal damage"
highly unlikely. Have you seen the aerial photos?