Wednesday, May 5

Rent Boy

another anti-gay Conservative bites the Big One


vq said...

Gawd, it's just getting comical.

Nagual must be fit to be tied!

sparky said...

Aha, now I see what happened. The man , being a full blooded christian , hetero male first went to this site only to find it wasn't really working right

and then likely in all the confusion he ended up over at rentboy having no idea of course it was a gay dating site and of course the rest is history.

Jilly said...

that reminds me of how in thailand, the male prostitutes (often children) are called "lady boys." and that's just what it sounds like too.

it's too bad these folks don't give an interview with someone who'd prtend to be nice but then rip them a new asshole on air. but that's the mean petty part of me whishing, isn't it?