Sunday, July 4

happy 4th.

it might not always be as we wish, but it is ours. happy birthday america.
i love you.


emma said...

I had a relaxing 4th with good food and family

UrbanStarGazer said...

Same here. I made ribs three different ways -- dry rub; dry rub with BBQ sauce; and a Chinese five spice version as an experiment. The experimental ribs were the fave by a long shot. Everyone loved them. Three full racks of ribs 8 people, no leftovers.

After dinner we walked over to watch the local fireworks show (to work off the 3 racks of ribs we ate) which was really nice.

Catz said...

Hubs and I had a relatively quiet one. We didn't mind really. We did take the boys to see fireworks.