Saturday, July 3

This is so damn funny

This is so freaking funny. I laughed so hard when I saw it because it's soooooo true!  My nieces and nephews are like this -- but . . . it's an iPhone! It's the best thing in the world!!

iPhone Drones

Warning -- contains profanity and may be offensive to those who believe the iPhone is the best phone in the world.

But it is damn funny.


emma said...

Urban, there are actually people like that!

Spidey said...

that was great. i am forwarding it to spideyson. he is an iphone fan. ha!

vq said...

Dave and Ian have iphones (in fact, Dave has two, a "personal" one and a business one) and Hallie has a Palm Pre.

I have a vintage coal-powered phone with nice, large buttons that I can see without my glasses.

I'll probably keep it until the Smithsonian asks me to donate it. I don't want to have to learn to use a new phone.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Emma -- I know!! That's what makes it so funny. A few of my nieces and nephews are exactly like that. I forwarded it to them but . . . silence . . . hee hee.