Thursday, July 22

i refuse

to let this site die. come on ladies. make a comment at least on my weak attempt.

so i am sitting here in my chair ....time out...i have to run out and clean out the street gutters due to the GIANT STORM.

okay, back. i did my civic and neighborly duty and made sure the sewer outlets were clean of debris. we are having a kickass storm here. water is rising. tornado warnings. i told spideydaughter if she finds my ass in a tree to give me a decent service after creamating me. there are tornado warnings but until i hear the freight train i am sitting in my chair.

so, if you don't hear from me again, i perished. i had a good life, so don't mourn my passing.

as amelia earhart said... We must be on you, but cannot see you. Gas is running low.


Catz said...

I read it most every day. I comment on most. Only time i don't is when I'm sick or don't feel well. Those days I don't get online.

We had storms almost every day here. Last few days we've been OK.

Mrs. Tree said...

We're in a summer lull. Hope your house is tied down at the corners. Sending love.

vq said...

C'mon, we're not even CLOSE to dying, here!

Jenny Robin said...


vq said...

Well, as I have proven before, I suck as a moderator!

Jilly, in my attempt to remove the Chinese comment, I removed yours, too! I'm really sorry! Hope you will come back and re-type it!

I swear, I'm going to get better at this. Really!!

emma said...

haha Verb . . I remove those damned Chinese comments too.....and I'm bitch-slapping Spidey for sounded like Allan bemoaning the fact that "THIS PLACE IS DYING" "THE SHELF IS DYING"

I agree with Tree in the summer lull thing, plus there's so much going on . . . where to start. Should we be sympathetic to the jailed Lindsay. Should we give a shit about the ridiculous and violent Mel WWJD Gibson? Or how about that poor woman who was fired because of her "racist rant"? Fix news should be sued. How about ole BP? (not my BP mind you, but British Petroleum.) And is osama Bin Laden still alive?
Personally I blame Schell.

emma said...


Jilly said...

verb, i don't think my comment was worth retyping. i'll have to get over the elitist bitches at the yarn store and stick to my inferior yarn and making the people happy who don't care if the junk i give them randomly is made out of organic bamboo or plastic.

is mel any crazier than tom cruise?

i don't care that lohan is in jail for a few weeks.

i'm glad bp capped the well, now clean it up. i don't clap when my kid spills juice, so why should we clap b/c bp quit the spill? clean it up and then we'll talk about positive press.

that woman's life is set b/c of fox and the faux racist rant. she'll get a book tour etc. and people will hold her in high esteem on racial panels for years to come.

corn is randomply rowing in my backyard.

there, that's about it with me.

Jenny Robin said...

is corn rowing your boat?

emma said...

'is mel any crazier than tom cruise?'

yes.crazier and meaner

Spidey said...

i will take the bitch slap. but beware, i have been known to slap back. you can ask my ex sister in law! at least you broards starting talking again. and comparing me to allan was just mean.

vq said...

'is mel any crazier than tom cruise?'

Well silly me. I saw "mel" and thought it was OUR mel, and figured you'd ask "is mell any crazier than allan?"

That's a question for the ages.

emma said...

is mell any crazier than allan?"

That's a question for the ages.



UrbanStarGazer said...

Wow, I envy people who have real weather . . . though, I don't know that I'd really want to live with it everyday after four years of Tahoe Winters.

I don't have any idea what any of those references are to except Lohan and Gibson the lunatic nutjob. I'm bad, I never watch the news or read newspapers, etc.

But, I come her at least 4 times a week and catch up. I get most of my news from you old broards . . . which, is kinda scary. I would probably believe most of what any of you said.

schell said...

I'll take full responsibility...I've learned when I get blamed for things that's the easiest thing to say!