Wednesday, July 28

Cookie Review

I was at Whole Foods the other day and craving cookies but didn't feel like baking a ton of them so, I checked out their bakery section. They had these little bags of different kinds of cookies so I thought I'd buy a couple to try them.

Premier Vegan German Chocolate Cookie = *
I didn't notice the "vegan" or I wouldn't have bought them. They're awful. They look good, dark chocolate with chunks of nuts but . . . ick. Fairly tasteless other than a sweet flavor. No discernable chocolate flavoring whatsoever and there's coconut (I guess that's the nod to the german chocolate) in there presumably for flavor but it has no flavor so you just get this odd random string of something you assume is a piece of coconut but can't really tell cuz there's no flavor. Blech.

Premier Oatmeal Raisin Cookies = ***
I like these. Tasty. Flavorful. All around a decent cookie. Moist, chewy, pretty good.

So, just in case you find yourself sitting there thinking, "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier vegan german chocolate cookies are?" or "I wonder how the Whole Foods premier oatmeal raisin cookies are?"  Now you know.


emma said...

Cookies should be rich flavorful and delicious--if not, why bother?

Catz said...

ditto what Em said.

Anonymous said...
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