Tuesday, August 31

dear verb

it has been 17 days since i took your recommendation for the badger sleep balm and it was delivered. it has been 17 days and i have slept the night through till morning.
i thank you. (again)


Gail said...

I gotta get me some of that. Although waking up at 6AM gives me a lot of time to read before I force myself out of the bed for a shower.

vq said...

Spidey, if I forget to use it, I always notice a difference.

Jilly said...

i've been meaning to look into that lotion you described, my skin is so itchy and flaky from eczema. the prescription stuff isn't doing anything, and now the baby's eczema is acting up too, so she's digging like crazy and then cries when i put the lotion on it.

vq said...

I have occasional flare-ups of eczema, too, and had it much worse when I was younger. (Hey--there's one good thing about aging--less sensitive skin!) My kids did when they were babies, and the ped. told me not to bathe them very often, and when I did, only to use water and no soap except on their bottoms. Soap just irritates eczema.

Does over the counter cortisone, like Cort-Aid, help at all? I wonder if putting on a coat Aquaphor right out of the tub or shower, while still damp, might be helpful?

In my case, it's definitely hay fever related. When my eyes start watering and I start sneezing, that's when the itching shows up.