Sunday, August 22


I signed up for Netflix. So far I have watched Tristan and Isolde. It was good. I am now going to cancel the premium channels off of my stupid dish network because i am tired of paying for movies that are from the 1980's and the few new releases. I will keep HBO. the rest can go.

do you have netflix?


vq said...

Hallie does, and she has the kind where you can download stuff directly to your TV. She loves it!

Mrs. Tree said...

I've had Netflix since 2000. Hard to believe. And we do the streaming thing too, on PCs, the Wii, and the Tivo. It's so easy and that's how we're watching Buffy. I love having it.

Gail said...

My daughter has it also and I'm not sure how much "first-run" stuff they watch on the actual TV. Every time I talk to her, they're either watching a movie from Netflix or something they've recorded.

I've got HBO and Showtime that I watch rarely. I seem to be watching more on TCM-this past Saturday was Paul Newman day and I sat here and watched "Cat on a Hot Tin Roof" and was totally enthralled all the way thru. Hey, it's not the first time (nor the second) I've seen that movie either :)

UrbanStarGazer said...

I've been contemplating going to Netflix. I pay $210 a month for my cable, internet and phone. The internet and phone make up $68 of that, the other $142 is for cable tv. I have all the channels and watch 4 -- Food Network, Cooking Channel, USA and Showtime (Dexter).

Stupid and a waste especially when you consider that I never watch the few shows that I do watch on HBO and Showtime(Treme, Dexter and Californication) in real time. I record them and watch them when I get time.

I'm curious how you like Netflix cuz I'm seriously considering switching.