Tuesday, August 17

Good God, what's new?


Mrs. Tree said...

Nothing much! Enjoying the summer a lot. My girls have endoctrinated me into watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We're on the 3rd season. Probably would never have watched it on my own, but it's fun to see it with them. We have 2.5 weeks till college starts up again, and my hschooler starts next week. Saw Eat, Pray, Love, Meh. I liked the book better. I have three trips coming up between now and December. So that's nice to look forward to.

vq said...

Hallie and I are watching Pillars of the Earth. We loved the book. We're eating it up--it has the magnificent Ian McShane as a delightfully evil priest.

Jilly said...

i've been listening to american classics on my mp3 player and have been manking a dress and fairy wings for the kiddo for halloween. I have also beent rying to go on a 5-6mile walk a few times a week. i went to church this past sunday for the first time in a long time and had a blast and after we went to the farmer's market where a cute 17 year old boy hit on me. i had a great laugh and explained that i'm nearly 30, with a kid, and not single. his produce was good though. we're going to order some bison for thanksgiving this year. not much else is happening.

Spidey said...

summer days are getting shorter. working too much. looking forward to the weekend as usual.
hopefully a mini vacation the week after labor day.

Gail said...

Not a thing is new. Just trying to make it thru the days and nights. I did manage to move a ton of books today, freeing up some much needed shelf space. Now if I can just get all the books off the stairs and into Heather's old room, that will be an accomplishment. Also packed up all the hospital and rehab stuff from Dennis' room where his closet is; I didn't have the heart to just throw it all away, so it's now sitting in the barn.

Oh wait,there is something new. I've lost so much weight since March, the a George Forman grill sounded like a good idea, so I got one yesterday and even got some food to cook in it :) Tonight is salmon filet, tomorrow, chicken or hamburger. Wish me luck.

Jilly said...

gail, why don't see if you you donate the hospital stuff? There's a special consignment shop near me that's for hospital stuff for people who cannot afford new. My friend is a special ed teacher and one of her students needed a walker. for various reasons, the family couldn't afford one and the government was taking a lot of time approving the purchase of one, so the class had a fundraiser and bought her the walker at the second-hand shop.

it sounjds like you're eating well, and i'm jealous of the salmon. I like salmon, but i don't like cooking it.


Mrs. Tree said...

Gail, I love salmon too. It must be hard and also a comfort to have all those reminders of Dennis in every nook and corner. Thinking about you.

Verb, I can't remember if you said you watched Deadwood. Ian McShane was amazing in his role on that show.

Jilly, now that I bought better shoes that support my sole, I have been adding lots of walking miles. The other morning it was in the low 50s here and such a great day for a walk.

Spidey said...

dear gail,
come visit here more often. you can find some companionship and friendship from us old broards.
love spidey

vq said...

Sonya, that's where I fell in love with him!

{{{Gail}}} <--(shelf hugs deja vu)
Don't be a stranger--you can unload/unwind with us Old Broards any time.

emma said...

tree, I have no desire to watch that toothy Roberts broad ruin a good book.


I like salmon, but would like it even better if this guy at work would stop mispronouncing it "SAL man" instead of SAMon

Jilly said...

emma, i hate that too. i always want to smack someone when they do that.

things would be different if we ruled th world.

vq said...

How about "off-ten"? That drives me insane. Do they say "fabric soff-tener"?

Gail said...

Thank you all for the lovely thoughts. The salmon was great if I do say so myself :) Tonight is hamburger.

Jilly, the hospital stuff was mostly opened packages of sterile wound care products and other items needed to take care of Dennis' ostomy wound. Doubt if anyone would want that. I'm saving his walker since I may have need of it in the future or someone else in the family, since let's face it, none of us is getting any younger.

Verb, did you read the book "Pillars of the Earth" ? It's one of my all time favorites and have reread it several times. My daughter was supposed to be recording the series for me but both of us forgot it was on (LOL-some things never change) but has promised that the DVD will be one of my Christmas presents this year, if it's out by then.

Lord, I hate to even think about Christmas--Dennis' birthday was difficult enough.

I'll be dropping by from time to time, but my life is so different now, I may bore y'all to tears.

vq said...

Gail, yep, I read it years ago when it came out, but I read it again recently when it was re-released when the sequel was published.

Hallie and I are watching it on Netflix. She is able to download it for free through her Wii internet connection and stream it onto her TV. It's really, really fun to watch, and fairly faithful to the book, although of course, many details must be left out or it would have to be a 50 episode mini-series. That was one FAT book!