Thursday, December 2

help a gal out

so one of my sisters bought a small kindle for herself (and the large one for my dad) for Christmas. I was joking and said I'd crochet a kindle cover as a gift and then slip a kindle gift card inside it so he'd think his real gift was the cover and he'd only find the real one if he used the cover. He still uses a keychain i made him when i was 11, so the chances of him using the cover a pretty high. my sister thought that was a great idea and then asked me to make her a cover when i made one for my dad. i went back to the site with the cover pattern and found that it's a knitting and crochet combined pattern. i don't knit nor to i read knit, so i can't translate the pattern to all to crochet. i went to ravlry, etsy and google and looked for a cover pattern, but all i found were visual examples of patterns people had made themselves but no real patterns to make. i could make a pattern for myself in a jiffy if i had the dimensions of the big and little kindle, but i don't know anyone else with an e-book reader of any kind. do any of you broards, ded or bert have one would be willing to measure it and tell me the sizes? I need the length top to bottom, right to left and thickness. I know I'm going to line the crochet with fabric and possibly place medium gauge plastic between the crochet and fabric to make the cover more durable and i am either going to use wool or cotton, as they're more durable when compared to acrylic, although acrylic is stretchier. oh if you have any other ideas, beyond just size hints, feel free to share that too.



sheila222 said...

Scroll down,, not sure if this is helpful or not.

Jilly said...

i attempted to use an online pattern translator for knit to crochet, but there are all sorts of little knitting terms and stitches that don't apply in crochet, like yf/yo. i should learn to knit in 2011

Gail said...

Tree has a Kindle if you can wait until she's back from her vacation for the measurements.

Ded said...

We have to back up here just a second. Before I can measure one, I need to know what the heck a kindle is.

Please think of me as JulieReneB but in sweats and a large flannel shirt.

emma said...

Ded, a Kindle is the eBook reader. You know what a book is, so an eBook is an electronic book :)
B&N has a Nook ereader and they just came out with a Nook Color. I'm very anti ebooks because I'm an old poop and I like the feel of a real book in my hands when I read. However i will soon be in the minority, I fear. That said, the Color Nook is pretty cool . . you can read magazines as well as books on it. But it's $250 bucks. I can buy a lot of REAL books for that. However (again) the Nook I know comes with access to read thousands of public domain classics so that's a good thing.

Jilly, asking my opinion on knitting and crocheting is like asking Sarah Palin's opinion on foreign policy--we know very little about the specified subject.

Jilly said...

you know emma, i'm not sure i'd want to ask sarah palin about knitting or crochet either.