Wednesday, December 22

Verbie, Have you floated away with the rains?


vq said...

Emma, I missed most of the rain. I flew to Tulsa so I could ride with Ian as he moves back to the west. It's the world's most boring 1500 mile drive, and no one should make it alone.

When we hit the CA border Wednesday, we drove through both of the fronts, but they were moving fast in the opposite direction, so we didn't have to fight rain for too long with either one.

I live on top of a very high hill, and flooding is never going to be an issue for this house!

And a delayed yet sincere Happy Holidays to all of you Broards!

emma said...

even more boring than the salt flats in Utah? Or the eastern part of Colorado? Someone told me that Kansas is boring to drive through---but they weren't as bad as the two I mentioned