Saturday, December 18

In other laughable news

Ten years ago our current governor as then Lt. Gov, oversaw redistricting of the NC congressional districts. She didn't want a bipartisan commission or a non partisan commission to oversee the process- claims she never heard any call for that,, even though there were law suits over the last redistricting. Pay particular attention to Districts 1,2 and 12 on the map below. She followed the time honored tradition of jerrymandering to keep one's own party in power. And it pretty much worked until this last election. Fast forward to this November's election where for the first time in DECADES, maybe even a Century, the GOP controls the legislature and will get to set up congressional districts. Now, after the election, not before, a month after, she is calling for a non partisan commission to step in and do the right thing and remove politics from the equation. "It's the right thing to do." I want some of whatever she is on. The Republicans said the call comes too late for this redistricting (which starts with the new session)but want to put a process in place for 2020. By then, the Democrats will be back in power, so I suspect that they won't support this resolution now. They know that this last election was about putting the brakes on folks they feel overstepped their "mandate".

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Sonya said...

My dread and foreboding about politics is slightly abated when I try to forget anything's happening. It's a temporary solution to a long-term problem.