Saturday, January 9

Anyone Out There Have

a Magic Bullet? I got one for Christmas and it appears that it's best useage is to make smoothies and blended alcoholic drinks. I'm a diabetic so I don't do smoothies and I don't drink so . . . am wondering what else I might use it for.

I already have a blender and 3 food processors so, I really didn't need this thing but, the person that gave it to me was so excited about it I felt bad. One of the gals that was at Christmas has one and uses it for salad dressing which I think I will use it for but other than that . . . I'm at a loss.


Jenny Robin said...

sounds like a vibrator

Jilly said...

my guy's grandad is 100 and has a lot of money and time on his hands. he lives far away from us and we go see him a few times a year. anyway, he LOVES infomercials to pieces and I often get stuff in the mail from random companies. He buys the stuff from infomercials and has it sent to me, because he thinks i'll like it. Between him and my mother-in-law, i have every piece of crap "as seen on tv" product known to man. I got the magic bullet a few years back this way and i use to to make smoothies (NSA), milkshakes for the kids, liquify beans, making adobo sauce, making guacamole and other small things. my blender is large, heavy, and hard to clean where this is smaller and easier to clean.

if you don't need anther blender or food processor, it's a great present to regift because people do like them or resell, if you're into that sort of thing. most of the crap I get from grandpa in the mail is regifted or sold. i REALLY have no need for a snuggie blanket, but someone else might. He sent me an "as seen on TV" knife for christmas. it's a big freakin knife that looks like we could go shop wood, so i might keep that. after i got some sort of magiv fanny pack i figured out that grandpa likes to give people stuff but he doesn't really care if we like it or use it.