Wednesday, January 13

This is why you're fat



Jilly said...

that captian crunch french toast is from a place here in baltimore, they were on diners, dive and drive ins on the food channel. i rarely go to canton, so i've never been, oh and the whole no-fried-food thing gets in the way too.

lord we're some greedy fatasses in the US aren't we?

emma said...

most of that stuff doesn't even look good. I ate those Burger King dough sticks once and they smelled like carnival people

Ded said...

This looks like just part of last Sunday's brunch. Believe me, I ate the whole thing.

wv: entiess

UrbanStarGazer said...

Emma -- I agree. Usually fattening food looks good but this stuff made me never want to eat again. Blech.

UrbanStarGazer said...

I made a "this is why you're fat" creation tonight for dinner. Zapped a potato in the microwave then several dollops of salsa, then some sour cream and then some chives. It filled a paper plate and looked like something from that site.

But it was goooooood.