Wednesday, January 6


well some bastard broke into spideysons place today and helped themselves to my sons and daughter in laws belongings. TV money,computers, cameras, xbox.
some people are truly the scum of the earth.


Jilly said...

that's terrible, but thank god they weren't there or weren't harmed. my best friend lives a few blocks from what we call a "blue light area." blue light areas are areas filled with flashing blue lights indicating 24 hour police monitoring via camera and heavily armed officers. 24 hours a day people are killed in these areas, mostly because of drugs, but muggings are common too.

anyway, she thought a 4-5 block radius would protect her from the blue light area and it didn't. a few months back she came home from work to find men in her house filling her own luggage with her stuff. she was almost killed. She didn't know anyone was in there, but literally walked into her bedroom to find them.

they got half-way down the street and had to drop her stuff when the police showed up. the nearest blue-light area is about8 blocks from my home, but i don't kid myself about it, i know that it could happen to anyone at any time. all of a sudden, the security alarm seems like a decent option over prime cable.

free of charge, the police came back and did a security walk though to suggest ways to make her house safer. they also helped her register all her belongings so that if people ever rob her again, they can be identified as hers and as stolen property at pawn shops.


Mrs. Tree said...

I'm sorry to hear it, Spidey.

Jilly, at least you know what kinds of things can happen and be vigilant.

Beanns37 said...

wow, that sucks, I'm sorry Spidey :(

vq said...

Why do there have to be so many worthless, crappy people in this world?

UrbanStarGazer said...

That so sucks. Sorry to hear it. I remember back when I was a teenager someone broke into our house. They took the tvs from every room. Nothing else, strangely. It was a creepy feeling knowing someone was in your home, totally felt violated.

One of my worst fears is coming home alone and finding someone in the house, robbing it. My biggest fear about being robbed in general, though, is the thought of them letting the cats out and losing them. I'd be more upset about losing the cats than losing material goods. Stupid, huh?

Kathryn said...

That is terrible, Spidey; I hope Spideyson and your daughter in law get their stuff back.

Orbie/\;;/\ said...

What a crappy way to start the new year. I hope they catch the bastards