Saturday, January 2

Fatal Attraction

I'm having a lazy weekend and I just finished watching Fatal Attraction. I haven't seen it in years but, it made me think . . . would I be able to forgive my husband for cheating when it resulted in:

- Our car being acided.
- His fling being pregnant.
- Our daughter's bunny being boiled.
- Me having to find our daughter's bunny being boiled.
- Our daughter being kidnapped.
- Me getting in a car crash as I frantically search for our kidnapped daughter.
- Me being attacked with a knife in our home, while my daughter is sleeping somewhere in the house.
- Me having to shoot someone.

It's one thing having to forgive an affair but, with all that other stuff . . . I don't think I could, could you?

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Jenny Robin said...

I would not forgive an affair either. Actually, that may not be true. I might be able to forgive the affair, but I would divorce, break up, or otherwise leave the man who cheated on me.

If someone wants to play the field, great, more power to them. Just remain single while you do so. I have no tolerance for anyone who is in a relationship when they have an affair or mess around in any way with someone who is not their partner.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too, so to speak. An affair or even a one night stand occurs as a result of a series of choices. It's not an accident; it doesn't just 'happen'.