Wednesday, January 13

I don't understand people

Like in most places, the government in my state is having many financial woes. Recently, a rally was held outside the governor's mansion in protest of said financial woes. I have no issue with people holding rallies, or even protesting the government. My issue was the people holding signs against raising taxes while at the same time bitching that they're state employees and how angry they are about layoffs, freezes on raises, halting step increases, freezes on retirements, furloughs and other money saving methods. My best friend works for the state and she was screwed over in 2009 via money saving methods by the government and 2010 will be worse for her. Going to work and knowing they're not paying you for it because of budget troubles is a sucky situation. Hell, I'd probably sit around and fake work like the people in her office if they weren't paying me for it. Anyway, it just doesn't make sense to protest raising taxes but then bitch that the government doesn't have the money to pay you. I was hoping someone would hit these people with their signs in protest of their utter stupidity, but it never happened. Mind you, this wasn't everyone at the protest, but it was a good 30% of the population present with signs.

Anything utterly stupid happen in your neck of the woods recently?

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Mrs. Tree said...

People don't vote in their own financial interests. They glom onto an idea (no matter how illogical) becomes embedded.