Monday, February 15

Figure Skating > Shen and Zhao

I have to say, I'm usually amazed when I watch the pairs figure skating competitions in the Olympics and not in a good way. I realize that what they're doing is amazingly hard but I'm often amazed at how out of sync teams are, how their routines don't match the music at all, etc.

But . . . last night's performance by the Chinese team of Shen and Zhao was truly, truly amazing. I don't know enough to understand the technical parts to know if the routine is good as I'm watching it but, I was mesmerized by their routine because it was so perfect. They were completely synched, they matched their music beautifully and the music was beautiful. And, apparently, their technique was outstanding as well. If you missed it and you like pair skating, you should watch it, it was lovely.

You can see it here:

One of the things that's amazing when watching this is, you can hear the sound of their blades on the ice at the beginning and, it's so synchronized it's like one set of feet.

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emma said...

Sorry to say but I haven't watched any of the Olympics