Saturday, February 13

Orbie and Gingerbread Surfer Cookies

I had a dream last night that Orbie was in. She was making decorations for a fund raiser and she was making gingerbread surfer chicks. Little gingerbread surfboards and surfer chicks riding them. They were brown gingerbread cookies with white icing -- they were cute. She was drawing the hair flying behind them, etc.

It was odd.


vq said...

And I'll bet anything that she COULD make beautiful little surfer cookies, if she chose to!

Ded said...

Little Surfer Cookie Girl. She can have her cake, and you can eat her too.

Kathryn said...

I have a dandy recipe for brown gingerbread cookies with white icing; I leave the surfer chick cookie cutters to someone else!

Catz said...

lol ded.

seeing her blog I bet she could.