Monday, February 15

News of my world

So just wanted to give an update in the lives of Jean, Sean, Monkee, Morris and Mookie. I was offered a job in Santa Maria, my hometown on the Central Coast and I've accepted it. I will be moving up there on March 1st to report to work but Sean has to stay here in Lake View Terrace until the end of March to finish out our lease. In the meantime I'm staying at my ex- in laws and coming home on weekends to help pack. So this is going to be a major change for us, I'm excited but also stressed, it's hard to move so far especially with three cats. We went up on Saturday to look at houses, we are going to try to buy since everything is cheaper up there. My new job is working for an HR firm as the benefits specialist, that will be a big change as I've been at financial companies for over a decade. So that's about it, lots of changes in store for the Geraghty's ;)


vq said...

Congrats, Jean! It sounds like a great move. I'd love to get out of the big city and go somewhere less hectic.

Jilly said...

good luck jean, be sure to send me your address so you can get stuff from me.

much love,

Kathryn said...

What Jilly said!

emma said...

Have fun Beann!!