Thursday, April 29

whorey women

Saw Oprah's interview with Rielle Hunter--John Edwards' mistress. What a piece of vapid mess she is. Edwards is an extreme scumbag--that's understood--but she mentioned several times that she's all about "truth" . . .she lives her life in truth . . . etc and yet she did not own up to the fact that she was fucking around with a married man with children. She wanted to "help him" find his true path.
Her excuse was, basically, "the heart wants what the heart wants" and that the Edwards' marriage was not good when she came into the picture. Oprah asked, then when didn't you say to him " You need to handle "that mess" and deal with it before I'll have anything to do with you."
She didn't have much of a reply. She's in the same league as Tiger's countless bimbos, Bombshell McGee, and that ilk.


Jilly said...

this is why i couldn't interview poeople. it's look like something off the daily show with me saying "really? you REALLY think that? do I have 'stupid' written on my forehead or something? there's no way you think the world is going to buy THAT!" and i'd be fired quick.
and you know what? i hate it when people agree to an interview and then refuse to talk about what the public wants to know about. the only reason reporters want to talk to most people is because of the dumb shit they do. it's stupid to agree to an interview, knowing that the only reason someone wanted interview you was to talk about a scandal, and then get pissy when the reporter asks you about said issue. i hate the statements "we'd agreed previous to the interview that blank wouldn't be mentioned." what the hell is that? for example, the ONLY reason people want to talk to naomi campbell right now is to a) ask ehr wtf is wrong with her and b) top ask her if she's got a blood diamond. giving and interview and then having a hissy fit when they don't stick to topics like the color of your new bathroom is silly. really, and the only reason anyone wants to hear form this riell bimbo is because she's a bimbo.


UrbanStarGazer said...

And, they don't get that nobody cares about that stupid shit that they want to talk about and if they insist on only talking about that, their fame will wane and we KNOW they don't want that.