Thursday, June 10

thin skin

we were having a family evening together and went over to borders the other night to kill some time. all was well until my guy wanted a new bathroom book (he does all his fun reading in there so don't ever mess with the books on the back of the toilet if you come to visit). Anyway, I was having fun suggesting books, and he was annoyed with me for suggesting etc. i wandered over into the literature section and noticed sarah palin's book was in the great literature/fiction section. I said "how the hell is "going Rogue" 'great literature?' Well, at least the got the fiction part right."

boy did that piss a few people off.


emma said...

that's funny! Maybe the person shelving it had a sense of humor

Kathryn said...

With apologies to Bert, I used to have my copy of The Book of Mormon shelved with my Science Fiction books!

Catz said...

that is funny.