Tuesday, June 1

Odd Story

This story of Sarah Palin vs author Joe McGinnis is getting very strange.
As you may know McGinnis rented the house next to Palin's for the summer. He's working on a book about her. She, paranoid as hell, almost accused him of being a sexual pervert . . out to spy in her daughter Piper's bedroom. It's sick the way she uses her kids. If she'd taken the high road and ignored him, he'd write his book and that would be that. She's adding fuel to the fire. Now an Alaskan paper reminded McGinnis that Palin could shoot to kill to defend "life and property." What's the author up to? Is he going to sneak over in the middle of the night and stab her with his Bic?
She wanted the limelight. Bask, Sarah, bask.


UrbanStarGazer said...

"Bask, Sarah, bask." HA HA HA HA

UrbanStarGazer said...

I really think she's unglued.

Spidey said...

the palins put up a 14 foot fence. i saw him yesterday on the today show. he says he couldn't pass by the $1500 a month rent being offered to him. he didn't really care that it was right next to the palins... he just wants to be in wasiulla. he doesn't plan on making any contact with them... but hey, if todd and sarah make a bunch of noise on the other side of the fence, i am sure he will listen. ;)

Jilly said...

she doesn't seem to be home that often anyway. oh, and let's face it, she doesn't seem to really care wtf her kids are up to either. yeah, i could be wrong, but the excess of observational information to support my theories is overly abundant.

Oh, and for all she knows, his book was going to pain her like a saint. probably not anymore y'all. now he'll want to get up early to dig through their trash.

but i do wonder, does he have the right to shoot her if she steps foot on his property? my response to that woulda been "right back atcha, yah knooooooow" with a smirk, wink and a finger point for good measure.