Saturday, June 19

what's your opinion?

Cameron Diaz (that genius) stated in a Playboy interview that having sex with a woman doesn't make you a lesbian.
Maybe having sex with a woman once or even twice does not a lesbian make, but what's the definition, what's the limit?
Maybe she just doesn't want to be labeled, but that's what society does---labels people.


Catz said...

Given the fact she's been with men and may have been with women too my guess would be being a part of society although I try not to judge and label... bi-sexual

Spidey said...

so what exactly does make you a lesbian?

UrbanStarGazer said...

A former gay co-worker of mine defined it this way (he was a gay man, not a lesbian but the concept works for both) -- he said that he can have sex with either sex and has and does enjoy it with both sexes (but more with men) but the thing that made him gay (in his opinion) was that when he thought of being in a relationship and sharing a deep romantic love, that soul mate thing, sharing your life together, etc., he always thought of a man.