Thursday, June 17

Obama's Address

on the BP oil spill--I thought it was kind of weak, but I'd volunteer to be on the board that distributes the money to those whose jobs & lives were affected.

On this BP executive Tony Hayward, besides being an ass "I want my life back," has he ever personally apologized to the region?


Jilly said...

it's one big clusterfuck emma. i love how jon stewert is calling obama to task about his empty pormises. around Jan i became upst that he'd yet to accomplish anything and all my friends said "it's only been a year" well, now it's really working it's way to 2 years and he's still done nothing and those poor people in the gulf coast could use some help. at what point do we get to say "i want my change." i'm not syaing mccain would have been better, at all, but i think we deserve better than obama's turing out to be. i have low expectations, but he isn't even meeting those. i should have known that getting my hope up was stupid.

emma, the BP guy is a disgusting humanbeing who probably made more money at BP than all of us old borards will ever make in our lifetimes combined.

UrbanStarGazer said...

I am amazed by how many people tell me that they voted for Obama for no other reason than that he was black. It disgusts me. Voting for the president of the United States isn't a game. But, I do love that we have the freedom to do that in our country.

In my opinion . . . the last election had the weakest choices I've seen in my lifetime. Except maybe the Gerald Ford/Jimmy Carter race -- that might be a tie.

I know everyone will think I'm saying this because I'm a Republican but, it's not true -- but Obama is no surprise to me. I predicted, before the election, that he would be a Jimmy Carter -- decent person, lousy president.

I didn't want McCain either so the 2008 election was the first time I didn't vote in the presidential election since I've been able to. I abstained. So, I got what I voted for -- nothing.

Let the bashing begin. :)

Catz said...

I usually don't do political talk but Jillybean I agree. almost 2 years and nothing.