Thursday, June 3

Many Thanks

I had lunch with a good friend today I hadn't had lunch with in about 2 months. She really put a new twist on a few problems I've been having and lifted a weight I've been carrying around. After lunch was over, I was so thankful for her love and friendship and all the way home, I realized how blessed I've been in friendships. I haven't stated my thanks to you gals enough over the years and that's a shame. Even if all of us haven't gotten along 100% of the time, we're still friends and we still wish good things for each other and give room for each other to have a good rant and would join in keying someone's car who wronged one of us (if we lived closer to each other that is). You really are a good set of broards (including Ded and Bert, wherever he's been). I appreciate your friendships, your comments, your criticisim (hey, no one is perfect!), your wisdom, and your support. Life is hard, and it's silly to try and go it alone. I hope you take a moment to remember a friend and then call him or her and tell that person what they mean to you, if you can. It just might be something that s/he needs to hear this week.


Mrs. Tree said...

Jilly, it's been such a pleasure getting to know you and everyone through this limited but prolonged contact. I like your post and I want to say I've gotten back so much more than I've given.

Catz said...

Jillybean,I don't know you too well except through the blog site.But what I've seen is a beautiful young lady who is talented and wise for being so young. Also,who has been blessed with a great guy and beautiful little girl. Like Tree I also have gotten so much back than what I have given. You are such a wonderful person. I thank you for what you give and never ask for anything in return. Thanks a million.

emma said...

Back at ya, you Young Broard!