Sunday, October 24

Great Footbal Day

Raiders slaughtered the Broncos (59 to 14). They could easily have gotten 70 points or more but they put in their third string players by the 4th quarter to give them a chance to play.

Pittsburgh beat Miami (barely but, it counts).

The Colts had a bye week -- hope they're getting rested and healed.

49ers lost to the Carolina Panthers who were 0 and 5 -- Yay!

And . . . the cherry on the top was the Vikings being beaten by the Packers. I actually like the Vikings and always have (I like the Packers too) but the more I see of Favre, the more repulsed I am by him and I'm glad he lost.


vq said...

I know many of us have seen *more* of Favre than we should've...

UrbanStarGazer said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!! True. Those pictures were so odd.