Wednesday, October 27

Emmaaaaaaa . . .

I need advice. I'm going to treat myself to an Indianapolis Colts game in Indianapolis and . . . need hotel advice. Apparently these hotels are all connected to the stadium via walkways. Can you tell me which is the nicest?

Caterbury Hotel

Conrad Hilton
Hyatt Regency Indianapolis
Omni Severin
The Westin Indianapolis



emma said...

They are all very nice (Canterbury's the oldest). . I guess the Conrad being the nicest because it was built because the snooty Formula One drivers/owners etc complained that Indy didn't have any hotels up to their standards--ironically now I don't think that Indy hosts Formula One anymore. I could be wrong--I'm not that into racing.
You'll have to treat yourself to St Elmo's Steakhouse and their famous Shrimp cocktail--the cocktail sauce is mostly horseradish and WILL CLEAN YOU OUT!!!
Within walking distance is Circle Center mall which is fun to nosy around--if you're into shopping. If you have time try and visit the Children's Museum. It's a cab ride, but it's the best in the country.
Have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

UrbanStarGazer said...

Cool, thanks! I was kind of leaning towards the Conrad so that's perfect.