Monday, October 4

Oh, the hypocrisy of the "religious" right...

I stumbled across this today on Politics Daily whilst wasting some idle time on the internet:

"... an essay by Mark A. Smith of the University of Washington titled, "Religion, Divorce, and the Missing Culture War in America," which was published in the Spring edition of Political Science Quarterly.

... Smith writes [that] divorce, which is clearly and strongly condemned in the Bible, was prevalent among conservative Christians. His findings show that 43 percent of evangelical Protestants divorce, higher than almost any other religious group and above the national average of 38 percent. (Other surveys show the divorce rate is highest in Red States and actually lowest in Blue States.)

Smith also notes that 'divorce seems to carry a more direct connection to the daily realities of families than do the bellwether culture war issues of abortion and homosexuality.'"

Well gee, families affected by divorce? Ya think?????

How about you conservative hypocrites stay out of other (gay) people's marriage issues and work on plucking that log out of your own eye, for a change?


Mrs. Tree said...

Verb, yep.

On the plus side, I'm coming to your state on Thursday to look at a couple of colleges in the San Francisco/Stockton/Monterey area. Hoping for good weather and easy navigation.

vq said...

Dave drove through that area yesterday on a road trip, and sent me some phone pix. Looked like the weather was totally gorgeous!

Mrs. Tree said...

I've never been to that part of the state. Very excited to see it.