Saturday, October 10

What are you addicted to?

My husband and I went to Menard's this morning to buy some air conditioner covers. When we went in I told him, "Do not let me to buy anything I have to plant in the ground." He looked at me like, "Yeah, right."
He was looking at electrical equipment so I meandered out to the garden center "by mistake."
SEVENTY FIVE PERCENT OFF OF SHRUBS AND TREES! So I put a beautiful 5 gallon red twig dogwood into the cart. It was only $7.50. It needed a home, right? And I've been wanting a red twig dogwood since forever, right? Now is a perfect time to plant shrubs, right? So I bought it.


UrbanStarGazer said...

Kitchen things.

Do I need a fifth set of measuring cups or spoons?

Do I really need an ebleskiver pan when I've not only never made them but have never even eaten one?

Do I really need a sixth and seventh cookie sheet? A seventh cupcake pan?

Do I really need an oven thermometer -- well, yes, this one I actually do need but . . . you get the picture.

Spidey said...

candles are my thing. i am drawn to them. i love to light them. i love the flicker, the ambiance, the romance. plus they hide wrinkles.

Mrs. Tree said...

Books and software upgrades. And new fonts. And mp3 files.

Mrs. Tree said...

Urb, I have started to collect Le Creuset pans. Still waiting for a really big one.

Jilly said...

yarn. i have so much yarn, but i just can't help buy more.

my guy collects crap that i love to throw away when he isn't around. his mother is an honest to god hoarder, you can't even walk in their house anymore without an injury. because of this, i don't feel bad about throwing his stuff away. i refuse to love with a hoarder or be a prisioner in my own home.


UrbanStarGazer said...

Tree -- Me too. I started with All Clad, which I love, and collected a ton of that and then I bought a Le Creuset 9 qt French Oven a few years ago and boy do I love that pot. As a result I now have a 7.75 qt, the oval 6.75 qt, ramekins, gratin dishes, several baking dishes (which I also love), spatulas, etc., etc., etc.

It's a sickness.

Gail said...

Books. If i don't have a full shelf of "to read" books, I get really nervous. I've finally gotten Dennis used to me bringing home not only groceries but a big bag of books nearly every week. Yes, I'm a bookaholic and I need help.