Wednesday, October 21

raggedy mandolin

This is Mandolin in her Halloween costume. is having a halloween costume contest and tonight we took this picture and sent it in. I don't care if she wins, i just think she looks cute. what was your favorite thing to dress up as for halloween as a kid? what was your favorite costume for your kids?


emma said...

Unlike my bestest friend Spidey, I don't get into Halloween. We used to wear those awful store-bought costumes with the plastic faces held on with that white elastic band. I do remember dumping out all the candy we'd gathered on our living room floor . . that was back when you could actually eat the apples people gave out without fear of razor blades.

PS: Mandolin is a cutie

vq said...

Good lord, Jilly! She looks just like you!

(Not the Raggedy Ann costume--just her face. Wow. It's very striking to me all the sudden.)

Emma, we wore those awful costumes too. Remember how that little elastic string would always break about halfway through the evening?

I did love the candy-dumping/trading with siblings ritual, though. And we'd have candy around for months--it would usually get thrown away around Christmas. Nothing good would be left--just root beer barrels and Necco wafers.

Jilly said...

eww necco wafers, what a crappy treat. might as well give the kids rolaids.

i'm not big on halloween either. mandolin can't have nuts or chocolate and i've given up sweets, so we're just doing halloween because everyone else is.

we had a neighbor who always gave ribbon candy that was dusty. we just knew she put it out 6 months before halloween so it could become dusty and stale and then dump it in the bags of poor kids. another man up the street would give out flouride pills and quarters.

i hated those horrible plastic masks, the edges were sharp and they'd cut you.

the local school does a candy drive where all unwanted halloween candy is collected and then put into the christmas gift bags for the poor.

thanks for the compliment verb. she really does look like me, but every so often she gets this look on her face and she's her daddy's girl right then. blogger made the picture come out funny, it's better if you click on it and make it bigger.


Spidey said...

she looks adorable!
my favorite costume? there is so many. once i was a character from the Laugh In show. remember Gladys Ormphby? i thought my mom was gonna die laughing. i have been a witch for the last 10 years. this year, for spideysons party i am going to be a whoopie cushion, complete with sound effects.

grab happiness where you can find it. :)

emma said...

I love Neccos!!

I didn't know that Gladys had a last name!

Mrs. Tree said...

Mandolin's gorgeous. I have a photo of my girls when S was a baby; she was a dalmatian and J was a witch. I'll have to dig around. They were adorable. I'm not a fan of Halloween. We'll just be getting back from Portland. Since we're in a new house, I should be neighborly and give out lots of candy.

schell said...

Great picture, she really is a cutie!
I remember those horrible plastic costumes, a casper the friendly ghost one in particular. I remember the mouth slit cutting my lips and how sweaty you'd get wearing them.
I loved going through all the candy when we were done, trading with afro and Susan. Chunky bars were one of my favorite candies, and when people gave full sized candy bars, it was like hitting the jackpot!

Beanns37 said...

She looks so cute Jilly! I always liked being a gypsy or a witch :)