Saturday, January 22

Egg Timer Kitty

For the sixth or seventh time in the past two weeks or so, our cat Miss Nesta Kiki Marie has knocked off the egg timer I keep near the computer. The top comes off and just lays on the floor until I get up and put it together. She does this in the early morning---5 or 6 am-- as a shout out for me to wake up. Then she meeps crazily and claws the bedroom door until I get up. Any cat psychologists out there?
I guess that's a small price to pay for being owned by the BEST KITTY IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!!


Jilly said...

my cats do odd junk to get me to wake up too. i can't lock them out of the bedroom or they claw up the carpet and bang their heads against the door while wailing like a one of those 3rd would country grieving widows. i keep an egg timer next to my PC too, to time visits to the potty for MissM and they all love that thing. I've recently had to find places to hide it in plain sight. When I put it up too high for MissM, the cats knock it down to her. It's like the three of them have some sort of fact to create anarchy.

vq said...

I'm a cat psychologist. Here's your diagnosis: your cat is bat-shit crazy. Like all the rest of them. :D

P.S. Word verification--"neste" I'm telling you, the WV is a sentient being. It's just WEIRD.

UrbanStarGazer said...

I can't lock my cats out of the bedroom or Jack will beat on it with his back feet until either the door breaks down, neighbors call the police cuz they think a grown human is beating down a door in my place, or I get up and open it and yell at him . . . and leave the door open.

Mine never mess with anything I own. They just mess with me. Jack likes to sit between me and the computer screen, or stand on my chest in the morning and stare at me until I wake up. Scout just flops herself over me -- my chest, my head, my throat, and lies there purring until I get up.

Or . . . they stand on my very full bladder.

So, comparatively speaking, Nesta's ritual sounds pretty mild! Right?