Saturday, January 29


I never understand why certain things make me laugh as hard as they do. There's a scene at the beginning of episode 4 of "The Big C" where she's sitting in the office of her bank manager telling him that she wants to withdraw all her money from and close her 401K.

He has a cup of coffee and an uneaten danish on his desk. He leaves to go get the paperwork to close her account and . . . she grabs the danish and takes a big bite. Just then he comes back in so she's sitting there with frosting on her face and a mouthful of danish, not chewing, he tells her to sign the forms, sees his bitten danish and says, "There's something wrong with you."  She says (through a mouthful of danish), "Yes, I know, that's why I'd doing this."

I've watched it twice and each time I laugh so hard I cry.

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