Sunday, January 16

Free... last, free at last, thank god almighty, I'm free at last.

Yes, ladies, I'm finally able to leave the property! Truly miracles still occur. After I got out yesterday and tried to chip away the ice on the driveway (which, BTW, is shaped like a snake with two curves and two hills on the way to the road, mostly in shadow) I'm made some progress, but today I finally broke down and asked my neighbor if he would come down and check on the ice and see if I could get the heck out of here. Well, he did and I did.

My one and only trip to civilization in seven days was to the Post Office to pick up the mail which had piled up this past week. I'll probably get a thank you note in the box on Tuesday since said box was stuffed and I do mean stuffed full. Only two bills that needed a check-which I wrote sitting in the car in the P.O. parking lot and mailed-but the rest took me about 30 minutes to open when I got home. Tomorrow I plan to go out and I don't much care where to either :)


emma said...

cabin fever ends. Yay Gail!

Jilly said...

congrats on finding human contact! i made something for you, so let me know if you'd like me to mail it to you.


Gail said...

Jilly, wow. I'll send you my address on the FB message system if that's O.K.

I'm so excited-can hardly wait until tomorrow. The puppy will think I've run away for good, I plan to be gone so long :D

Jilly said...

gail, i was writing your address down when mandolin came up to me and said "what're you doin?" and i told her I was writing your address down. she said "i don't like those ABC's on the picture mommy"


vq said...

Good for you, Gail!