Tuesday, January 11

we're surrounded

it's been very cold as we're gearing up for a big winter storm. I have my niece this week and the kids were very good but stir crazy, so after my weekly yarn run, I took them to the indoor McD's play place for lunch and to burn off all that extra energy that middle-aged people would kill to have. Things were fine until my niece came out crying. Apparently some rat bastard kid in the play place told her she was too fat to go down the slide. Boy was I pissed. I got her to tell me which kid it was and I had words with the mom. The mom told her son to say sorry or he wouldn't go to the movies with his friends. then he cried, like most kids do when they're caught being bad, and she hugged him and said he could go to the movies anyway without saying sorry. That woman is going to wonder why her kid will turn out to be a nasty piece of work bully in the future and she'll be to thank for it.

oh and speaking of bullies, that westboro "church" just makes me sick. They've been beyond insane for a long time, but really? At least we know who the church members are so we can avoid them and perhaps openly mock them in public. I wonder how'd they like it if someone started picketing their events? Scratch that, they'd probably love it. media whores.


emma said...

We're having bad weather here too. I was watching NCIS last night and across the bottom scroll the station was listing the delays and closings. What struck me was the cancellation of an emergency preparediness committee meeting of some county (maybe Johnson County??). Shouldn't those people tough it out??
Just to be mean to the Bully Boy . . when he started crying your niece should have pointed to him and said . . . oh looky looky at the crying baby!!ohhhhhh he's a big baby to cry at McDonalds!

Zaida said...

Sometimes I wonder if those WBC jerks even believe the stuff they spew, or if they're just in it for the attention and lulz.