Friday, January 28


One of my Facebook acquaintances is going on and on about how wonderful Charlie Sheen is and how he wishes that he'd get well and back to work. I don't give a flying f about Charlie Sheen. He is a misogynistic woman beater and an addict who needs to get his ass to a shrink immediately.

I think some times it was better in the past when we didn't know what assholes some celebrities were--then we could still enjoy their movies . . tv shows . . whatever.

Charlie Sheen disgusts me.
Mel Gibson makes me want to vomit.
And I can't enjoy Woody Allen's movies since he fucked his own daughter.


UrbanStarGazer said...

I couldn't agree more. I stopped following the Colts players on twitter because I liked them MUCH more when I had no idea what idiots, jerks, etc., they were.

Jilly said...

i agree too. my guy made a joke that katy perry was playing near us and said he was going to take me. i looked at him and said "what makes you think i'm into the vapid whore scene?" seriously?

Kathryn said...

Familiarity breeds contempt.