Monday, January 17

ronald reagan

In his new book Ron Reagan states that he believes his father had Alzheimer's--or its' symptoms--as early as his first term. Reagan's older son Michael is now livid that Ron even suggests this, and stoops so low to say that Ron was an embarrassment to his father when he dropped out of college to become a ballet dancer.
That Alzheimer rumor was making the rounds long before Ron Jr. wrote his book. Supposedly in the oval office the President was more comfortable getting lost in stories about Hollywood and his heyday as an actor than talking about State matters.
I think Michael should cool it. What does it matter now? The people who despised Reagan will still despise him and the right wingers who loved him and his Reaganomics and "ketchup as a vegetable" and the "Russians are bombing" will go on loving him no matter the facts.


Gail said...

Shoot,I figured Regan wasn't playing with a full deck from the get-go. And yes, I'm one of "those" Democrats, but it was obvious to me and should have been to anyone who'd been around elderly-and sometimes not so elderly-people.

Either Regan was ill or he had some of the most god-awful advisors ever.

Jilly said...

when i was about 4 or 5 my parents had to buy school supplies for me. up until that point in time, all school supplies for elementary school were provided by the school where we lived. this was a rather large financial burden for my parents. i remember sitting in kindergarten and there were no crayons and i asked the teacher why and she said "President Regan stole your crayons." i literally thought for years that he stole my crayon one year a tour of kids from my school got to go to the white house and meet him and ask questions and i always thought that if i'd gone, i'd ask him why he stole my crayons. that would have made the news huh? i'm glad i didn't go on the tour anyway because the white house tour is BORING. who cares about the 4th study or the second ballroom and the wallpaper in the yellow bedroom? It was a horrible thing to inflict on a young child.

anyway, we've known for years that regan was lucky to have known his own name for most of his presidency and his wife all but admitted it at one point. it's okay to speak ill of the dead sometimes you know. why is it we never hear "not to speak ill of the dead, but that hitler fellow...." not that regan was as bad as hitler, but he wasn't all that wonderful either.

i don't remember life before regan s a president, but i know what going through schooling under reganomics was like, and it wasn't pretty or fun.

sheila222 said...

Yes, we made plenty of jokes about Reagan when he was president. I suspect that he wasn't suffering from A in his first term (you may get brain changes WAY before it is diagnosed, but when someone is willing to label it is another issue), but rather your garden variety forgetfulness which any man past the age of marriage and any woman past menopause has aplenty. Little Ronnie isn't much known for his cutting edge perceptual genius nor his intellect at all- he and Michael both are cashing in. What a goof. I saw him on the Joy Behar show and thought, "Joyce, you are a dunce to give this doofus a platform- he is not saying anything new and exciting, just tossing out the old opinions of others." My WV is urophys which seem appropriate as I have a stone in my kidney which is going to get blasted out Jan. 31- or that is the plan anyhow. I wonder if I played some heavy metal and put the speaker on my kidney if I could save some money? We have a 10K,, yes, that's 10K deductible which I am sure I will tap all of. Wish me luck.

UrbanStarGazer said...

I'm not a right winger and I love Reagan. Though, I will admit that towards the end, when watching him in a press conference, etc., I would sit there thinking, "Please don't say anything embarrassing" but that was only the last year or so.

UrbanStarGazer said...

And no-one voted for Reagan for his second term but he won by an amazing landslide.