Friday, April 16

Anthrax' Faux Perp

This is the story about the anthrax suspect in 2001--shortly after 9/11

Steven J. Hatfill has been a suspect and the Justice Department looked at him and followed him, questioned him for years and years. Finally exonerated him, but left his life in ruins.

Another Bush legacy


sheila222 said...

Let's not forget how Richard Jewell's life was pretty much ruined in the same manner (suspect in Atlanta Olympic bombing 1996)- point fingers first, and exonerate in such a fashion that folks might miss that in the news. While it didn't go on as long as with this fellow, up until his death, Jewell never felt that he escaped his notoriety nor gained back his good name- yet he was a hero. (I won't point out that those were the Clinton years as having anything to do with it,, I think the Justice Dept, no matter whose administration it is, can have folks overeager to solve cases and try to frame folks. We see it done by DAs down here in NC, why expect the folks in Washington be any different? I am pretty cynical about all of them.)

Catz said...

I did miss the exoneration of Jewel.I feel for both those men.That's out Justice dept.

Kathryn said...

LSU had just hired Hatfill as associate director of the National Center for Biomedical Research and Training, which receives 97% of its funding from federal programs. LSU terminated his employement, and LSU also fired the man who'd hired Hatfill to begin with. University officials dened that these personnel actions were taken in response to instructions from Washington to "cease and desist" with respect to Hatfill, but LSU chancellor Mark Emmert conceded the school's general desire to "fulfill its contractual obligations to funding agencies."