Sunday, April 11

disgusting story

Gays being abused even after death


sparky said...

I dont know the reason or reasons but even in this country gays are not at all accepted in the black community and this comes from a black gay florist I used to do business with . He told me there isn't much worse you can do in the black community then come out as a homosexual .

Also if i remember right that gay prop thing in California was defeated primarily by the black vote or at least the black vote was a large part of defeating the gay marriage thing in California (prop 8?)

vq said...

You don't remember right. It was defeated by an unholy (and disgusting) alliance between the Catholic church and the Mormons, who pipelined big money in from Salt Lake City.

What would Jesus do, indeed.

UrbanStarGazer said...

Wow, it still blows my mind what goes on in this world in this day and age. Why do people care who people fall in love with? So damn stupid.

Jilly said...

it makes me sad. we have enough hate without inventing new ways to accomplish the same.

i still feel bad about that poor girl and her prom.

i guess if we're too busy arguing over that, real issues don't get dealt with and to some extent, that's what people in power want. get us to fight about crap that doesn't matter so they can do all sorts of things that actually do matter.