Tuesday, April 27

Can you believe this guy is writing a book??

From Late Night:

Top Ten Thoughts That Went Through George W. Bush's Mind As He Wrote His Memoirs

10."What's a memoir?"
9."Is 36 pages enough?"
8."You know who was a great band? Foghat!"
7."Taco break!"
6."How cool is it that I was President? Come on, up high!"
5."Jerky break!"
4."Chapter Eight: The day I went 5-for-5 in White House T-ball. And no gimmies. All ropes!"
3."What? Ricky Martin's gay?"
2."Do you spell nucular with 2 'o's or an 'e-w'?"
1."Shouldn't Cheney be the one writing this?"


Spidey said...

i didn't think he even knew how to write.... much less a book.

Jilly said...

well, spidey, someone has to draw the pictures!

Catz said...
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Catz said...


Catz said...

they'll let anyone write a book these days. And it'll be another I wrote read.