Saturday, April 3

Happy Easter

From us to you.

This is Mandolin at the Easter Egg hunt on Saturday. There were many kids and few eggs. One man helped Mandolin "find" and egg that he secretly took out of his son's basket when he noticed that several kids had 10 or more eggs and many kids had none. When the man's son noticed he had one eggs less, the man looked at the boy and said "Easter is about giving something away to other people and sharing." It was a nice gesture. Mandolin wasn't upset at having no eggs, and neither was I, but she loved the free pony ride prize inside the egg.

I hope someone shares something sweet with you.



Orbie/\;;/\ said...

so sweet and happy Easter to all of you

Spidey said...

happy easter to you too. that was very sweet of that man.

emma said...

I know 2 things for sure:

1. Since I'm old the Easter Bunny won't visit--I have to buy the chocolate myself.

2. When the cat vomits, I'm the only one awake so I have to clean it up.

Mrs. Tree said...

Happy Easter, Jilly and Mandolin and Guy. And all.

vq said...

Easter Egg hunts are a surefire recipe for tears and unhappiness.

We'll have one at our church today, but once the big kids have found their limit of eggs, they help the little ones find theirs.

Catz said...

Happy Easter. That was nice of that man to do that.

Miss Em...I can relate to the 1st one. :)

Jenny Robin said...

I heard the smartest thing on the radio a couple of weeks ago regarding kids and egg hunts: the older kids only get to hunt/find eggs of one or two particular colors, let's say blue and yellow. This lets all the pink, green, orange, etc. eggs be left alone to be found by the little kids. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

Jilly said...

we were at an egg hunt just for 3 & under. there was an 4 and up hunt on the other side of the event, i just think the owners didn't expect the big crush of people that came. i personally didn't care if she got an egg or not because she wasn't upset. but i was touched about what that man did.

many other kids had baskets over flowing and one could tell the parents had rushed in and grabbed all the eggs for their kids. one parent said "you've got 10, we should leave some other eggs." 10, really? given there were easily 100 little kids and not that many eggs? 3 or 4 prizes weren't enough? oh well, some people really don't stop and look around or care about other people at all.

i later observed the easter bunny giving out prizes to some of the kids who got nothing. mandolin got a piny ride and her day was complete. we didn't put any candy in the easter basket, but she loves her new crayons and coloring books.

UrbanStarGazer said...

That was thoughtful of him. Nice to see there are some good people out there still. I swear people are so self-centered anymore that it blows my mind.