Friday, April 23

mush mind to go with her hard body

'Biggest Loser' trainer Jillian Michaels has a hard little body and she plans to keep it that way. Michaels, 36, tells Women's Health she is unwilling to become pregnant because of the way it would change her body.

"I'm going to adopt. I can't handle doing that to my body," she told the magazine. "Also, when you rescue something, it's like rescuing a part of yourself."


I find this odd but humorous. MIchaels couldn't handle what pregnancy would do to her body, but she'll allow another woman to do "that" to her body so Michaels can "rescue" what that woman did to her body. If that makes sense


vq said...

I think she's gross, and I think that show is hideous.

sparky said...

Look, I dont even know who this broard is but it does make sense. You can look at it the same way as people who adopt dogs or cats . Humans too tend to over breed (thats pretty obvious considering the worlds population) and many of the human offspring are cast to the winds just as unwanted dogs and cats are . If a side effect of adopting is keeping a hard body so be it and all for the better . On the other hand if keeping a hard body is the main reason for adopting then maybe it would be better for the woman to adopt a dog.

Jilly said...

she looks mean. All the DVDs i have are of people who look friendly and nice. Sure, i know trainers need to push people, but I respond to nice a lot better than i respond to mean. when people get mean to me, i become a crazy bitch and crazy bitches with 10 lb weights in their hands lead to a murder wrap.

now i do know that michaels used to have a weight problem in her youth, so maybe she's afraid that if she gets fat, she'll never be fit and thin again? i dunno, but i already told everyone i'm getting a tummy tuck. my stomach looks like a reief map of the grand canyon after being fat, having a kid and several abdominal surgeries. kate gosslin's old stomach has nothing on mine.

but what michaels has to realize at 36 is that she isn't going to be 36 forever. at some point you hit 40 and i don't care waht these crazy broards say, 40 isn't the new 20. stuff sags, wrinkles, gets spots and starts to fall apart. it's called aging. at 40, you shouldn't be dressing like 20, because 21 isn't forever, no matter what the store says.

there's nothing worse than the old lady at the party who thinks she's 18. this usually comes with a face that can't twitch or smile, overly bleached hair, leatherly skin that's almost spray tanned orange. i feel bad for these women.

i will say this, she's touting an opinion held by a lot of hollywood, but they don't say it openly. many of those women end up at fertility clinics because no one told them at after 35, your eggs tend to be all dried up or defective. i keep seeing ads for young woman to store their eggs before 30 so they can have "their own" kids after 35. i learned a lot while we stuggleed with our fertility problems. I'm glad we didn't need hormones or IVF to have our baby.

emma said...

"crazy bitches with 10 lb weights in their hands lead to a murder wrap"

I snorted at that!

vq said...

I don't care a bit whether Jillian gives birth or adopts. My issue is with the abusive nature of that Biggest Loser show.

First, I think it makes a spectacle of fat people for the entertainment of the (really stupid) masses. These people are so desperate for someone to help them lose the weight that they'll endure any humiliation to get the help.

Having dangerously obese people run a mile on asphalt in the hot California sun on the very first day of the show last year (the only episode I've ever watched) was foolish and dangerous, and landed two people in the hospital. I made sure that was the ONLY time I ever watched it.

I think the unspoken message of the show is that you can't possibly lose weight unless you eat an absurdly low calorie diet and exercise ten or 12 hours a day. And that's patently ridiculous. You CAN lose weight by making gradual lifestyle changes, and in fact that's probably the only way you can lose it permanently.

Jilly said...

well said, verb. that's yet another reason i don't watch that show. as personal trainers and medical people, they should all know better, but the desire for more money cancels that aspect out. this is why i refuse to get a trainer. why waste all that money to be told what i want to hear? few people would have weight problems if they ate fewer calories and moved more.

i also hate how they make people feel bad for ONLY losing 5lbs a week. if i lost 5lbs a week, i'd be in shock trauma. in fact, i get nervous of i lose more than 2lbs a week. then again, at 170, i'm far smaller than the average person on biggest loser.

people don't want to hear it, but yuo have to change your entire life and you have to change it for good and it takes time. however, if you look at how long it took someone to become their largest, spending 1-2-or3+ years eating better and gradually becoming more active and physically challenging themselves is faster than it took that person to become fat, and longer lasting than anything else out there.

Catz said...

I don't watch the show either. I watched it once. That's all I could take. Having people who are that size running in the hot sun that far is dangerous and stupid. Having them eat a lot less calories and exercising for 8 or more hours is crazy. Then if you don't lose a;; the expected pounds you're criticized. That's ridiculous!

Like Jilly said about hitting 40 and you start to fall apartis pretty much true. A 40 something woman in 20 something styles isn't pretty. I know a few who do that. I've never said anything to them though.

Jilly, I don't like mean either. you get more from by being nice. Be a bitch you get a bitch back!