Wednesday, April 14

you just never know

today was a sad day in my town. a 5 year old girl was with with her mom, auntie and brother. she was riding her little bike and hopped off of it to push it through an intersection in front of the village hall with her mom at her side. a 59 year old woman turned right at the intersection(3 way stop) and plowed into the two of them, rolling the mother on to the hood and into the windshield and riding over the little girl. she then proceeded another 50 to 75 feet down the street before she stopped saying she didnt know she hit something. all i can say is WTF????? at what point do you not know someone just hit your windshield? or that you just road over a child??? the child was dead at the scene. the mom will be released from the hospital tonight.
so here is what freaks me out about this. you get up in the morning. you decide to take your daughter and son for a walk on a beautiful sunny warm spring day, and you come home that night without one of them because of the carelessness and stupidity of someone else. life is a fucking crap shoot.


Catz said...

That's so sad. How do you not know you hit something when it hits your windshield?! Are you stoned or just stupid?

vq said...

Well for heaven's sake, you can tell when you run over a soda can or a paper bag--of COURSE you can tell if you hit something bigger than that.

I wonder if the woman had a stroke or a seizure or something?

Dreadful, dreadful story. Just awful.

Spidey said...

so far no report of any stroke or seizure. the whole village is in shock. this kind of thing does not happen around here. people are very conscious of all the folks that walk around here. but of course, anything can happen, and has.

Jilly said...

i wonder if she has diabetes or was drunk or something? i can't imagine hitting something and not knowing it! i feel bad for the family. most people don't have life insurance for children and funerals are terribly expensive, i hope they take up a collection to help that poor family out.


UrbanStarGazer said...

That's so sad. Wondering if the woman was doing something like texting or fiddling with the radio, etc. Doesn't excuse or explain it because, like you all said, how could she not know she'd hit something?

I agree, life is scary in that way. You head out of the house thinking it's a new, beautiful day and . . . boom. (no pun intended)

Spidey said...

still nothing.