Tuesday, November 17

I got a note from Ded

Must've been a couple of weeks ago. Said he was about to get his computer problems fixed and get back to his friends here in Internet-land.

So where are you, Ded? We're waiting!


Blank Field said...

When you talk to Ded again, once he's back online, will you ask him to tell Sonya to turn her comments back on?

vq said...

Maybe she's just feeling a bit standoffish, Mr. B.

emma said...

I miss that old coot!

Blank Field said...

Miles Standoffish?

She is a complex person... But I love her, and you, nonetheless.

Mrs. Tree said...

Hey Bert, my comments automatically turn off after a certain number of days to avoid spam comments. I am reclusive, but not rude. I haven't read the chapter yet because last week kind of imploded with a sudden (distant relative) funeral and stuff. Today's the day.

Ded, come back to the land of the byte!