Friday, November 27

What's in a Name?

We spent some time watching BBC America yesterday and caught a preview for a Top Model program in England where all the models have a disability (most are missing a limb apparently). It's a unique idea for a show, but the name of the show is as tacky as all get out. They call it "Britian's Missing Top Model." Missing. Of all the ways to describe someone with a disability, missing isn't how I'd do it. When they said "Britian's Missing Top Model" I had no idea wtf they were talking about and then spent a moment taking in the concept of the show. Maybe they refer to people with disabilities as "missing" in England? I don't know, but if they try and have a season of that here, they'll have to think of a new name. When I heard "missing" and "model," I thought of that succubus Nancy Grace.

Time and the Daily Mail have written some interesting articles about the show if you do a search. The show is over in the UK, so if you just want spoilers, they're out on the Internet.

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